Learn How Not to do Plagiarism

Hi! All. This is one of the most nagging things while doing research- the fear of being accused of stealing! It is since childhood days that we find the idea of getting caught stealing haunts. But, the idea is then cultivated that one should ask for a borrow. And, that's acknowledging the fact that the thing essentially belongs to the other. How one could own something that belongs to other? And, here the whole enthusiasm dies. Yes, I too wanna own something as mine. But, I can't. I don't know the art of creating my own thing. I am not a carpenter or a clocksmith or a scientist to invent my own motor car.

Dear welcome to the world of learning ethical methods of creating knowledge base that would lift you above from this psychological guilt and make you a confident scholar while doing research.

Plagiarism is a behavioural thing. It's not about bad intentions or committing a crime. The whole idea is to change the ways you approach the research material and the way you read it and handle it.

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