Assignments FS

The First Semester Assignments are posted here.

Students are expected to submit them online within a week's time. All assignments shall be subject to scrutiny for plagiarism. You are advised to avoid all instances of culpable act of dishonesty. The usual word limit is 500-700 words.

Assignment 1. Define Geo-power. How would you explain the ordering of space in terms of state and subject and core and periphery as well. (02Sep 2013)
Assignment 2: Give Dupree's scheme of physiographic description of Afghanistan. Describe any two with salient features. (16/09/2013)
Assignment 3: Describe the drainage system of Afghanistan and discuss the significance of Amu Darya river basin. (22/03/2013)
Assignment 4: "Spatialisation of national perceptions took on material form in the identity and unity of the nation." Discuss Schetter's paper from this perspective. (30/09/2013)
Assignment 5: Discuss the evolution of Afghan state between the First and Second Anglo Afghan Wars. How did religion and Imperial powers brought change into clan politics of the Durranis. (10/10/2013)