Post-Lecture Assignments MA 2013

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Post-lecture Assignments: (2-A4 pages or 500-700 words each)

2013: Monsoon Semester

Assignment 1: Define South Asia as a region.
  • Give rationale using parameters
  • Structural aspects: physiography, climate, historiography, contemporaneity.
Assignment 2: Download a Political Map of any South Asian country.
  • Try to memorize its administrative units.
  • Take a printout and mark the political sub-unit which contains its national capital.
  • Does this national capital territory shares an international boundary.
Assignment 3: Discuss the Salient Features of Land-utilisation in South Asia. What does land holding tells us about the agriculture situation in South Asia.
  • Use the data and diagrams provided.
  • Mention the types of land-use and compare their percentage shares.
  • Size of the holdings and their share.
Assignment 4: What is Food Security in Physical, Economic and Social terms. How does Pakistan's wheat production underscores its role in addressing food security of Pakistan.
  • Use the data and diagrams provided.
  • Bring out the connection between poverty, agriculture and food security.
  • Use of HYV, irrigation and area as parameters.
Assignment 5: Discuss the commercial cropping scenario either for Sri Lanka or Pakistan. And, also download its map and mark the regions of Production.
  • Use tea, rubber and coconut for Sri Lanka, and cotton for Pakistan.
  • Identify provinces/districts on map of the chosen one.
  • Focus on analytical part discussed in class.
Assignment 6: Discuss the mineral resources of Afghanistan or the significance of forests to Bhuan's hydroelectric potential.
Assignment 7: Mention the salient features of Indus Water Treaty. What could be the reason for stable treaty between India and Pakistan despite persistent conflict.
Assignment 8: How would you define the border situation in South Asia with the case of India-Bangladesh border in hand.
Assignment 9: Describe South Asian Politics with reference to 1) Creation of Pakistan and Bangladesh, 2) Nuclearisation of South Asia, 3) Democracy in Nepal and Bhutan and 4) ethnic conflict in Sri Lanka.

Mid-term Evaluation, 2013

Assignment 1: Briefly describe the attributes that characterise South Asia as a region. Apart from homogeneity, what are relational attributes that can support your thesis.

Assignment 2: Discuss Wheat and Cotton cropping of Pakistan. How does commercial crop figure in relation to food security.

Assignment 3: Minerals or Hydro-electricity ! Compare the natural bases of development for Afghanistan and Bhutan.

These assignments are to be taken up later
Assignment 3: Discuss the major characteristics of agriculture in Sri Lanka and Pakistan.
Assignment 4: What is food security? Discuss the wheat or rice cropping in any two South Asian countries.
Assignment 5: Mention 10 salient features of IT industry of India and how does service sector contribute to change in economic structure of a developing country.
Assignment 6: Discuss the forest resources of Bhutan and how do they perform their roles vis-a-vis state, society and industry.
Assignment 7: Geoeconomic importance of minerals for the rebuilding of the Afghan state! Evaluate.
Assigment 8: Discuss the role of religion in the formation of state identity. Is religion the sufficient condition for state identity.
Assignment 9: How planning process is important for maintaining the federal polity, give example.