Assignments MA 2017

Assignment 1: Discuss the parameters to qualify a region. How does geography of South Asia qualifies it as a single homogeneous unit. Give illustrations.

  1. You can first define the various variables discussed.
  2. And, then use the data or narrative from: physiography and climate.

Assignment 2: Discuss the agriculture situation in South Asia. Elucidate the natural and economic factors that affect food security.

  1. How the socio-economic indicators are linked to food security indicators, use the statistical tables for supporting your claim.
  2. Also, discuss the current challenges to food security in terms of issues related to farmer, field and crop.

Assignment 3: Compare production, yield and agricultural conditions for Wheat in Pakistan and Bangladesh. Elucidate, how market conditions affect the decision to plant Boro Rice or Wheat in Bangladesh.

  1. Use the FAO statistics for supplementing the case.
  2. Use maps to locate production areas.

Assignment 4: Discuss the cotton or sugarcane farming in South Asia with special reference Pakistan and India. How globalisation has affected the trends in production and trade, explain with the help of FAO data.

  1. Use FAO data to cite the trends.
  2. Mention the north south divide in India sugarcane scenario.

Assignment 5: Discuss the significance of Tea and Rubber plantation in Sri Lankan agriculture. Discuss the colonial legacy in the early success of these crops and the present market challenges.

  1. Mention the various districts that are main producing regions.
  2. Use the global indicators to reflect the change in production scenario of Lankan agriculture.

Assignment 6: Discuss the significance of minerals in Afghanistan economy. Is it a resource curse for the country, given the current instability || Or || Mention the Importance of Forest Resources for Bhutan and the salient features of the forest regulations.

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Assignment 7: Discuss the Impact of British Imperialism on Territorialisation of South Asia and its Consequences for the Federal Polity of South Asia.

Assignment 8: Assess the Role of Domestic Factors in Trans-boundary River Sharing Agreements. Why the Indus Water Treaty is considered as durable when compared to other Water Sharing Agreements in South Asia.