Assignments MA 2019

Assignment 1: How the Colonial experience contributed to structural attributes of a region as South Asia. And, how do Monsoons function in defining South Asia as a region?

  1. Focus on the structural and functional aspects of a region.
  2. For colonial experience use present political and administrative organization of South Asia as a reference.
  3. Monsoons have defined South Asian maritime trade and see its functional aspect.

Assignment 2: Discuss the Relationship between Economic indicators and Social indicators with reference to South Asian countries,

A) GDP per Capital and Life Expectancy,
B) Share of Services in GDP and Dependency ratio,
C) Share of Manufacturing and Urbanisation.
  1. Use slide material for your answers.
  2. Try to find the pattern and see if there is a positive or negative trend between the two indicators.

Assignment 3: Discuss the Rice-Wheat cropping system of South Asia and its contribution to Food Security.


Assignment 3: Give an account of Cotton and Sugarcane Cultivation in India and Pakistan.

  1. economic factors
  2. environmental factors
  3. genetically modified crops

Mid-term Examination on 05 September 2019, from 9:15 am to 11:15 am. It is mandatory to submit assignments before taking exams.

Assignment 4: Write a detailed description on natural resources of Bhutan or Afghanistan. Do you think natural resources are suitable start-ups for raising people's living standards?

1) Use the material supplied in presentation
2) Discuss the happiness model of Bhutan
3) Conflict prevents Afghanistan from exploiting its wealth.

Assignment 5: Discuss the role of the IT Services Sector in India's Economic Growth or Give an account of the Iron and Steel Industry of India.

Assignment 6: Discuss the colonial origins of territorial governance in South Asia. How Federalism has worked in the distribution of power among states of South Asia.

Second Mid-term Examination on 17 October 2019, from 9:15 am to 11:15 am. It is mandatory to submit assignments before taking exams. Please go through what we have studied so far as first mid semester shall be the basis of half paper.

Submit all of the above assignments before 25th October 2019 after that no score shall be given for submission.

A Very Happy Diwali Greetings to you All!

Assignment 7: Discuss the salient features of the Indus Water Treaty. Do you think trans-boundary water arrangements are subject to politicization in electoral democracies? Substantiate your arguments.

Assignment 8: How South Asia figures as a geopolitical region. Mention the role of China in the South Asian region.