Assignments MA 2020

Assignment 1: Discuss the various historical narratives about South Asia as a region and examine its relationship with environmental homogeneity of South Asia.

  1. Find out the continuity of knowledge over different periods.
  2. Focus on the structural and functional aspects of the physical structures.
  3. Himalayas and Monsoons have defined South Asian maritime trade and see its functional aspect.
  4. Use slide material for your answers.

Assignment 2: Write a detailed essay on salient features of South Asian demography with major changes over a period of time.


Write a detailed essay on the crop production, yield and acreage of principal crops of South Asia.

  1. Use statistical data for your write up.
  2. You can use image for explaining your data.
  3. Visit YouTube lecture to get a better grasp of facts and explanation.

Assignment 3: Discuss the role of natural resources in economic development of a nation. Compare the resource potential of Bhutan and Afghanistan.


Assignment 3: The Read-made Garment Industry in Bangladesh played a similar role what the Iron and Steel Industry did for India. Please explain how some sectors of economy become the prime mover of national growth.


Assignment 4: Disucss the Functional Approach to understand the Concepts of Territory and Borders of State.


Assignment 4: Mention what function the British Imperialism performed in the origin of South Asian states.

Assignment 5: Compare the trans-national water sharing situation between India and Nepal with India and Pakistan. Can you explain why despite numerous war the Indus Water Treaty stood the test of time, whereas the Treaty with Nepal have often come under revisions.

Assignment 6: Discuss the opportunities and challenges for the Regional Economic Cooperation in South Asia. Do you believe that South Asia's concerns of poverty, malnutrition, and hunger can be addressed by a free trade and regional economic cooperation arrangement. Give reasons.


Assignment 6: Give reasons for the lack of energy linkages among the South Asian countries. How South Asia stands in relation to the two major sources of commercial hydrocarbon sources located in the Middle East and Central Asia.

Submit all of the above assignments well in time after that no score shall be given for submission.

Assignment 7:

Assignment 8: