Books, Chapters and Research Papers for First Semester

The readings are available as follows.

  1. Land & People: Physiography & Drainage
    1. Dupree, Afghanistan. Ch 1 and Ch 2.
    2. US Military Academy, Regional Geography of Afghanistan. Ch 3 4
    3. Water Resources of Afghanistan. Part I & II
    4. Afghanistan Today: Glimpse of ordinary life Report
    5. Afghanistan Human Development report 2007 Chapter 1
  2. On Theory: Geopower and geopolitics
    1. Tuathail, Critical Geopolitics chapter 1 Geopower
  3. On Theory: Ethnic core, nation and nationism
    1. Smith, Ethnic Core and Dominant Ethnies Ch 1
    2. Anthony D. Smith on Nation and Modernism section1 section2
    3. Article by Hyman Nationalism
  4. Ethnicity, ethnoscape and nation
    1. Barfield, Afghanistan, Cultural n Political History Ch 1
    2. Article by Conrad Schetter Ethnoscape
  5. People, religion and state
    1. Article by Ashraf Ghani Islam and State-building
    2. Rasanayagam, Afghanistan, A Modern History Ch 1-2
  6. Origins of the Afghan State
    1. Saikal, Modern Afghanistan Ch 1
    2. Nabi, State to Nation Ch2
  7. The Anglo-Afghan Wars (I, II)
    1. Reunion, History of Afghanistan Ch6
    2. Barfield, Anglo-Afghan Wars and the State Creation, Ch 3
  8. Afghanistan and the 20th Century Great Game
    1. Saikal, Experiment with Democracy Ch 6
  9. Soviet policy towards Afghanistan Collins and Afghanistan and the USSR Game Theoretical Model Rubin
  10. Regional geopolitics
    1. Pakistan and Afghanistan by Rasul B Rais
    2. Pakistan's role by Weinbaum
    3. Relations over the Pashtunistan Issue, Rasanayagam Chapter 3
    4. Afghanistan and Central Asia
    5. Afghanistan and Iran
  1. Great Powers in Afghanistan
  1. Geoeconomics
    1. Geoeconomic Watershed Dhaka
    2. China's Caution on Afghanistan, paper by Andrew Small, China's Afghanistan Policy
    3. India's Afghanistan Policy, Obama's Af-Pak Policy
  1. Post-2014 Situation, Afghanistan Beyond 2014