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2020, September 21

For MA Students - The Google Meet links are mailed 01 hr before the start of class. The class are conducted on Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 2:00 pm onwards.

2019, August 21

For MA Students - The Assignments are being rolled out. Please start working on them and Mid-Semester Exam for 2019 Semester shall be on 05th September 2019. Thursday.

2018, August 10

For MA Students - The Assignments are being rolled out. Please start working on them and Mid-Semester Exam for 2018 Semester shall be on 11th September 2018. Tuesday.

2017, September 22

Student are required to deposit their assignments in hard-copy (neatly typed) by 5th October 2017. This should be complied with so that timely evaluation can be done. Total of 6 assignments have (up to Assignment 6) to be submitted for the assessment. Follow the instructions on the Assignment page, top row for completing the assignments.

2017, August 27

Next Class shall be held on first Wednesday of the month of September 2017.

2014, August 06

Dear Students you are welcome to course IS529 N [Economic and Political Geography of South Asia]
As the registration process is still on, we wait for having a minmax set of pupil to begin with classes. Let's meet on 13th August at 2:30 PM for Introduction to the Course.

2013, October 22

Mid-Semester Exams are scheduled for 22nd October 2013 at 09:45 AM.

2013, January 4

Dear all, you are welcome to the course Ethnicity, religion and politics in Afghanistan (SA-654) and GIS for Area Studies (SA-662).

2012, November 09

The end-semester exam is scheduled for 26th of November 2012 at 10:00 AM. Course Outline is marked in Red, if any doubts then clear now.

2012, September 17

The monthly feedback is required by all the students on the progress of the coursework. Kindly go to the Feedback link under First Semester and give your brief in not more than 75 words, single paragraph.

2011, October 10

The mid-Semester evaluation shall be on 17th as announced. Exam commences at 10:00 AM sharp.

2011, October 03

The new maps on Afghanistan are loaded. Download them and practice them well.

2011, August 29

The students of MPhil Monsoon Semester 2011 are Welcome! You are encouraged to browse this website and try explore the content. After every lecture you are expected to contribute to the discussion forum. Have a look at older forums.

2011, February 22

Dear Students,
The workshop on GIS AND ITS APPLICATIONS IN AREA STUDIES is being organized on 4-5th March 2011. Students who are interested for volunteering are welcome. You may look into the poser for the workshop.
Concept Note

2011, January 21

Dear Students,
The Forum Class Today is created to post discussions and opinions online after the end of the class. Already some material is posted. Go to the Forum page Class Today and write about the lecture by giving your points and notes.

2010, December 10

Dear Students,
You are invited to Join the Course in Winter Semester SA-654 ( Ethnicity, religion and politics of Afghanistan )
The interested students are advised to first complete their feedback task.