Ph.D --Successful Candidates

Following is the list of the successful candidates holding a Ph.D degree of the JNU under Supervisor Dr. Ambrish Dhaka

  1. PG Jangamlung Richard "Women in Post-Taliban Afghanistan: The Socio-Legal Perspective" 2009
  2. Sindhumani Bag "India's Energy Security and Geopolitics of Central Asia's Energy Resources, 1990-2005" 2010
  3. Devendra K Sahoo "A Geopolitical Perspective on Central Asia-China Relations" 2010
  4. Saurabh Sharma "Rebuilding of Afghanistan in the Post-Taliban Period" 2011
  5. Manas Ranjan Mishra "Ethno-Geopolitics of Durand Line: The Pashtun Factor in Afghanistan-Pakistan Relations" 2011
  6. विनिता मीणा "अफगानिस्तान में संविधान का विकास एवं सामाजिक व राजनैतिक कारकों की भूमिका" (in Hindi) 2012