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The following chapters can be consulted for the Course topics:

South Asia as a region

  1. What is a region? An enquiry into parameters Lecture 1- PART A
  2. Geographical basis of region Ch 3
  3. Schwartzberg Atlas South Asia

South Asia: Physiography and Climate

  1. South Asia by BLC Johnson Ch 1
  2. Himalayan Orogengy and Climate Chapter by OHK Spate
  3. South Asia and Climate Change Hot Spots in South Asia


South Asia: Socio-Economic Indicators

  1. South Asia Human Development Indicators Lecture 2
  2. Socio-Economic Indicators of South Asian Region Stats
  3. South Asia Development Report Ch_1_2


Agriculture in South Asia

  1. Salient Features of Agriculture in South Asia Lecture 3
  2. Human Development in South Asia: A Report Ch 3-4
  3. Food Security in South Asia Conceptual Note, A Study of Agro-economy of Bangladesh
  4. FAOSTAT Food Security Profile for South Asian Countries, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka
  5. Climate Change and Food Security, A Study of Nepal

South Asian Agriculture: Major Crops - Food

  1. Wheat Production in Pakistan, Lecture 4 PART A, PART B
  2. Reports on Bangladesh, Pakistan Chapters
  3. Rice-Wheat System of South Asia Report


South Asian Agriculture: Major Crops - Commercial

  1. Cotton & Sugarcane scenario in Pakistan & India Lecture 5


South Asian Agriculture: Major Crops - Commercial

  1. Commercial Cropping in Sri Lanka Lecture 6 , Tea, Rubber and Coconut
  2. Issues in Agriculture Development of Sri Lanka Chapter


Natural Resource Economy in South Asia: Forests

  1. Forest Resources in Bhutan and Nepal Lecture 7
  2. Forest of Bhutan Salient Features, Reports

Natural Resource Economy in South Asia: Minerals

  1. Natural Resources in Afghanistan Lecture 8
  2. Significance of minerals in Reconstruction of Afghan Economy USGS Report
  3. Collection of reports and other data on Afghanistan's mineral resources Zip Download

Natural Resource Economy in South Asia: Water

  1. Hydro Resources for Nepal Reports

Manufacturing in South Asia

  1. Industrial Complexes and Iron and Steel Industry in India Lecture 10
  2. Energy Security in South Asia

Services Sector in South Asia

  1. The Indian IT industry presentation
  2. Role of Trade and Services in Regional Integration in South Asia Ch 5 - Connecting South Asia

Colonial Inheritance & Geopolitics of South Asia

  1. Ratzel: The Laws of the Spatial Growth of States Chapter
  2. Hartshorne: The Functional Nature of Political Geography Chapter
  3. Colonialism and State Formation in South Asia Lecture 11

Transboundary Hydropolitics: Indus Water Treaty & Mahakali Treaty

  1. Indus_Mahakali Lecture 12
  2. Supplimentary reading Documents

Regional Security and Regional Economic Cooperation in South Asia

  1. Regional Cooperation in South Asia chapter 1-2
  1. Planning Process and Balanced Regional Development, Ch 1, Ch 9
  2. Religion and Politics in South Asia, here is a link to summary paper Religious demography of India
  3. Indo-Bangladesh Border lecture

Maps and Datawork

  1. Physical South Asia Physiography
  2. Political Maps
    1. Pakistan
    2. Bangladesh
    3. Nepal
    4. Sri Lanka
    5. Bhutan
    6. Sri Lanka_Conflict
    7. Expansion of British Rule in South Asia Map
    8. South Asia Under British Rule in 1857 Map
    9. South Asia Under British Rule in 1904 Map
    10. South Asia After British Partition in 1947 Map
    11. Baluchistan Under British Rule Map
  3. Agriculture Maps
    1. Bangladesh - Wheat Cultivation Areas Map2
    2. Bangladesh - Rice Cultivation Areas Map3
    3. Sri Lanka - Tea Cultivation Areas Map4
    4. Sri Lanka - Coconut Cultivation Areas Map5
    5. Sri Lanka - Rubber Cultivation Areas Map6
    6. Nepal - Wheat Cultivation Areas Map7
    7. Nepal - Rice Cultivation Areas Map8
    8. Nepal - Fragmented Land Holdings Highest, Lowest
    9. Pakistan - Wheat Cultivation Areas Map9
    10. Pakistan - Cotton Cultivation Areas Map10


  1. Wheat and Rice crop acreage and yield, see TABLES

Interactive FAO website agromap