South Asia Economic Geography: Supplimentary Readings

This page contains some visual material including books and chapters.

Quadrant - III

Beads in The Backyard

Himalayan Tectonics

Saigang Fault

Understanding Monsoons

Indus River, Cradle of Civilisation

Ganga, A Living Human Being

Agriculture and Political Systems Relationship, Courtersy Goldman Sachs

Wheat Sector in Pakistan

Plantation Industry in Sri Lanka - Report

Agriculture in Nepal

Agriculture in SriLanka

Agriculture in Pakistan

Land Reforms in Sri Lankan agriculture

South Asia Stats

Bangladesh - Impact of Wheat Blast

Rice in Bangladesh

Wheat-rice cropping in South Asia

Rice Subble burning a challenge video1 video2

Cotton Crop in India [ ind1 ind2 ], Pakistan [ pak1 pak2 ]

Rubber plantation in Sri Lanka Report Article1

Coconut Cultivation in Sri Lanka Article1

Garment Industry in Bangladesh Article 1, Article 2

Geopolitics of South Asia, Theoretical Readings Ratzel

Federalism, India and Pakistan K_Adeney

Indus Water Treaty, Baglihar Case Article

South Asian Regional Security Complex by Buzan Chapter