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Course work on "GIS for Area Studies"

see syllabus, here.

Resources Materials

The shape files for several tasks can be downloaded from here. Just click to the links and donwload the zip folders. Unzip them and import them in QGIS.



  1. political map
  2. cities
  3. ethnicity
  4. river basins
  5. vegetation
  6. watershed and rivers

Shape files

Google Earth KML Files

Images and external links

Afghan Statistical Data

Reading Material


  • Disucss the relationship between geography and geo-power.
  • Define data and how does information about people and places helps in generating geographic information system.
  • What is geo-referencing and discuss the steps in QGIS for performing it.

GIS Practicals


End-Semester 2016 [Practical Exam]


Download the zip folder given below and unzip it for solving the question paper. Complete the exercise within folder only. Put the entire folder back into zip format and In case, you are not able to do so, handover the folder personally in a usb drive.