South Asia MA, SIS, JNU


Welcome! This page handles the MA Course on "Economic and Political Geography of South Asia"

Course Content

  1. Defining South Asia as a region
  2. Major physiographic and climatic features
  3. South Asian economies and population: principal characteristics and comparative trends
  4. Elements of Economic Geography
    1. Economic structure, workforce and landholdings in South Asia
    2. Wheat and rice crops in food security of South Asia
    3. Commercial farming in South Asia: Cotton, Tea, Sugarcane and Oilseeds
    4. Base metals and mineral resources in South Asia: Afghanistan, Pakistan
    5. Hydro-power and natural forests in South Asia: Bhutan, Nepal
    6. Planning and industrialization in South Asia: Sri Lanka, Pakistan
    7. IT revolution in South Asia: A Study of India
    8. South Asia as an economic region
  5. Elements of Political and Administrative Geography
    1. Colonialism and political economy of the region
    2. Political territory and the growth of states
    3. Inter-state cooperation & conflict in South Asia
    4. Regional Security Complex of South Asia
  6. Environment and Climate change in South Asia