South Asia MA, SIS, JNU


Welcome! This page handles the MA Course on "Economic and Political Geography of South Asia"

Course Content


  1. Defining South Asia as a region
  2. Major physiographic and climatic features
  3. South Asian Demography: principal characteristics
  4. South Asian Economies: principal characteristics
  5. Elements of Economic Geography - Regions, Planning and Networks


  1. South Asian Agriculture- Major Characteristics - Production and Trade.
  2. Wheat and rice crops in food security of South Asia
  3. Commercial farming in South Asia: Cotton, Tea, Sugarcane and Oilseeds
  4. Resource Economies of South Asia - Major Characteristics - Production and Trade.
  5. Base metals and mineral resources in South Asia: Afghanistan, Pakistan
  6. Hydro-power and natural forests in South Asia: Bhutan, Nepal
  7. Planning and industrialization in South Asia: Sri Lanka, Pakistan
  8. IT revolution in South Asia: A Study of India


  1. Elements of Political and Administrative Geography
  2. Colonialism and political economy of the region
  3. Political territory and the growth of states
  4. Inter-state cooperation & conflict in South Asia
  5. Regional Security Complex of South Asia
  6. Environment and Climate change in South Asia
  7. Federalism in South Asia

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