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दी ज्यॉग्राफिकल पॉइवट ऑफ हिस्टरी (The Geographical Pivot of History) Hindi Translation

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YEAR Sr. No. Research Papers / Articles Published Link
2004 1. Afghanistan: Geoeconomic Watershed of South and Central Asia Download
2005 2. Nation-State Formation in the Multi-Ethnic South Asian Societies: A Search for Paradigm in the Framework of Political Geography Download
2005 3. Mackinder's Heartland and the Location of the Geopolitical Tetrahedron Download
2006 4. India's Energy Security and Central Asia's Energy Resources Download
2006 5. The Subaltern Perspective of India's Energy Security Download
2008 6. India and Guam: A Strategic Outlook Download
2009 7. The Geopolitics of Energy Security and the Response to its Challenges by India and Germany Download
2010 8. Afghanistan: 'Towards' A Sustainable State? Download
2013 9. Changing Geopolitics of the Af-Pak and its Impact on South Asian Regional Security Complex Download
2014 10. Factoring Central Asia into China's Afghanistan policy Download
2014 11. Afghanistan Beyond 2014: Quest for a New Policy Download
2015 12. A Constructivist Approach to Energy Security Paradigm Download
2015 13. Whither Goes Af-Pak Post-2014 Drawdown Download
2015 14. Ethnofederalism and the Ethnogeopolitics of Afghan State Download
2017 15. Reading the Af-Pak Narrative, from the US Disengagement to Russian Re-Engagement Download
2019 16. The CICA, SCO and the China Factor in Central Asian Geopolitics Download
2019 17. The Belt and Road Semiotics and Its Geopolitical Pivot Download
2020 18. Revisiting the Ontology of Russia's Heartland Geopolitics in its Contemporaneity Download
2020 19. Factoring Central Asia in the Russia-India Energy Trade Download
2022 20. Energy, Food and Environment: The Critical Geopolitics of Securitisation in South Asia Download

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